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Inhibitions (2013-2016)

Inhibitions limit, protect and guide us in the human interface.

They question our views to each other and the worlds surrounding us.

1. Tone


As raising society, temper the odds.


moments we get back in.

Amending transparency, dots of timbre

and reveal

should deliver our kingdom.


2: Butterfly Effect


Initials and change, not written yet.

Moments we get back in, sense

in prospect.

Restore our flights, first

the air trembles, sounds.


3: Current


Moments we get back in, unexpected depths.

Slow down, slow

in our direction, land.

Knowledge moves in circles.


4: Dependence


Fragile circumstances, our desires enclosed.

Initials and change, never written before

moments we get back in.

Aging, knowing the odds

time has always been on our side.


5: Delay


Beyond all doubts, what lies beneath

never looks up.

No sea, no land, no confirmation,

moments we get back in.


6: Antenna


The urge, thoughts of deliverance


moments we get back in.

Reach for the speech, rareness

felt it different before?


7: Acceptance


Alter the past, initials and change.

All moments age, land.

Recognize our heritage, migration

moments we get back in.